About Us

Clinic Serving The Community

Best Health Urgent Care & Clinic is located in Missouri City, TX. Safety of patients is our number one priority. We want to provide patients with the best healthcare experience in terms of accessibility, quality, and affordability. We have a welcoming, friendly environment with compassionate staff and  providers  so patients can be treated with the best care.We offer  an extensive array of healthcare services to patients ages 2 and up to adults. We treat a variety of medical problems,  including minor  emergencies. We also perform  procedures. Our experienced physicians and providers provide comprehensive diagnoses, treatments and detailed care plans to get you back to feeling better as soon as possible.<br>

We focus on patient-centered treatment plans, and we have become one of the leading urgent care centers in the area. We accept appointments and walk-in patients. We offer virtual visits and in person visits.We are here to make sure that you are well taken care of.

Our Key Features

  • On-Site Laboratory
  • Short wait times
  • Virtual or Telemedicine Visits
  • Affordable prices
  • Medicare accepted
  • Medicaid accepted
  • Covid/Flu Testing
  • EKG
  • Virtual Appointments

In-Person Appointments and Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments (also known as telemedicine) allows providers to utilize modern technology to provide specific medical services to patients from the comfort of patient’s homes. By scheduling a virtual or telemedicine appointment, you can expect to see your provider on your screen. During this visit, your provider has the ability to exchange reports, blood work analysis, x-ray results and other relevant medical information quickly and securely.<br>

For more information on how the virtual/telemedicine option can be used, visit call (346) 374-8402. If you want to schedule your telemedicine consultation right away, click here  

Starting a telemedicine visit simply requires patients to click on a link provided by Best Health Urgent Care. All you need is a smartphone, a computer or a tablet with internet access. You do not need to download anything, it really is that easy.

In-Person Visits

Due to modern technology, scheduling an appointment to visit us in the clinic has never been easier. There are multiple ways to schedule appointments with us to be seen in the clinic.

  1. Visit our website www.besthealthurgentcare.com and click on the red appointment button. Input your information and we will call you shortly to confirm your appointment.
  2. Search us on google “Best Health Urgent Care” and click on “Appointments”. Input your information and we will call you shortly to confirm your appointment.
  3. Call our office directly to schedule your appointment

We understand that sometimes a medical urgency strikes suddenly and you do not have time to make an appointment. No problem! We are here for you, we welcome walk-ins, no appointment or calls needed to notify us that you are coming.


Providing You With Convenient, Affordable and Quality Care

Rapid Lab Results

Laboratory on site which allows patients to get same day results

Certified Providers

Licensed, certified and experienced providers.

Insurance & Self-Pay

We accept major insurance, medicare, medicaid and have low self-pay rates for non-insured patients.