Conditions We Treat

Urgent Care Services

Best Health Urgent Care & Clinic offers quick, affordable, convenient medical care for urgent (non-life-threatening) conditions. Our team of healthcare professionals treat patients ages 2 to adults for various illnesses to include the common cold, cough, Covid-19, flu, minor cuts, scrapes, sprains and strains. Additionally we offer physicals, diagnostic care and COVID-19 Travel Testing.

Our clinic in Missouri City is open 6 days per week and we can also accommodate patients for after hours virtual/telemedicine visits. We are open late to provide care for you and your family when you need it the most.

Wellness Check Up

We offer annual Wellness Checks for insured and uninsured/self pay patients. Sometimes it is difficult to make an appointment with your PCP in a timely manner or you may not have insurance, we understand and that is why we can perform wellness checks on the same day, low costs, no appointments are required. Along with your wellness check, we can perform lab testing to ensure you continue to stay healthy.

Sport/School Physicals

Sports physicals are a part of registering youths for participation in a sport. Schools usually require an evaluation for children to participate. The purpose of sports physicals is to determine if an athlete is healthy and physically ready for their chosen activity such as baseball, football, martial arts, dance, cheerleading, tennis, soccer or track. Keeping in mind that physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle for children, we offer affordable rates for our sports/school physical exams.

Flu & Covid-19

Cold, cough, covid-19 and flu are infections of the upper respiratory system and can be caused by different types of viruses. These infections can affect the nose, mouth, throat, and lungs and can vary in their causes and intensity of symptoms, with some infections becoming serious and needing professional medical attention. You should always seek care should you have any of the above symptoms.

If you are not feeling well and experiencing these symptoms, it is important to determine which specific infection your body is fighting with so a proper treatment plan can be started. If you have flu or covid-19, there are treatments which can be started if you are diagnosed in the early stages of the illness. Visit us to discuss options to identify your illness and determine if treatment options are available.

We offer the following testing for same day testing:

  • Rapid Flu
  • Flu PCR
  • Covid-19 Rapid Antigen
  • Covid-19 PCR Testing
  • Covid-19 Travel Testing

With cold, cough, covid-19 and flu symptoms, testing is the first step to determine the next course of action to get you feeling better quickly.

Strep Throat

A sore throat is usually one of the first signs of a cold. This type of sore throat usually improves or goes away after a day or 2. However, some sore throats can be caused by the Streptococcus bacteria (group A strep) causes “strep throat”. Strep throat is contagious, it is commonly seen in young school aged children and requires antibiotic treatment. This can be diagnosed by examining the patients throat and by conducting testing. We offer rapid strep testing in the office which can provide results in as little as 5 minutes.  If you have strep throat, you will be prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection.

Ear infections

Ear infections and earaches are infections that can cause ear pain. In young children, this can manifest as high fevers, decreased appetite, vomiting, and fussiness. These infections are more common in children than in adults. They usually affect just 1 ear at a time, and the pain can be constant or come and go, the pain can be extremely uncomfortable for young children. We examine the ears using an otoscope and if an infection is noted, you will be prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection

Sinus Infection

Sinuses are spaces in the head that are connected by channels. Sinuses produce mucus, which keeps the nose clean and free of bacteria. However, the sinuses can become infected if you have had a recent cold or have a current cold, and instead of pockets of just air, they become clogged with thick mucus. A bacterial sinus infection can be extremely uncomfortable and usually requires evaluation by a medical provider to effectively treat it.

STD/STI Testing

Any individual who is sexually active should be obtaining frequent screening to ensure that you remain healthy and to avoid getting others sick. We perform accurate and quick STD testing, we have multiple options for testing which includes same-day testing. Most importantly, if you have symptoms, we offer same day in office treatment, in a matter of 24 hours you can be feeling better. Please call our clinic at 346-374-8402 for additional information.

Instead of taking time out of your day to call other places for price comparison, we can guarantee that we have made it affordable and easy for you to get care. If you’re at risk of STDs, testing and getting your results is something that should be done quickly, feel free to schedule an appointment or you may simply walk in.

STD testing and treatment services may be covered by some insurance. If you want to use your insurance, please be sure to have your insurance information ready at the time of your visit.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We offer same day instant drug and alcohol testing results for your convenience.  A drug test looks for signs of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in a sample of your urine. The purpose of a drug test is to look for drug use and misuse.

Pap Smears

A Pap smear, also known as a Pap test, is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women. A Pap smear involves collecting cells from your cervix. Detecting cervical cancer early with a Pap smear gives you a greater chance at a cure. Regular pap smears are an important part of maintaining good health.

Laceration Repair and Stitches

Suddenly got a cut on your arm, leg or other places on your body?Going to the ER for a small injury like a cut may be associated with long wait time before you are seen along with high costs for a simple procedure, our clinic is well equipped and trained to handle these procedures on the same day in the clinic saving you time, money and discomfort. We are well experienced in stitching your cut closed and back to normal. We can perform these procedures in the clinic, we clean the wound, administer numbing medication prior to proceeding forward with the stitching/suturing. We continue to follow up with you and even provide services for suture removal.

Incision and Drainage

Incision and drainage is a widely used procedure in various care settings, mainly in urgent care clinics.  It is the primary treatment for skin and soft tissue abscesses. An abscess is when a collection or pocket of pus develops underneath the surface of the skin, this can be very painful and usually requires a small cut to remove the infected pus. We perform the procedure in the clinic on the same day you present with symptoms. The procedure consists of cleaning your skin, applying numbing medication and then making a small cut after which the infected material is removed. You may or may not require antibiotics following this procedure.

Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting can accompany many illnesses. If you are experiencing symptoms of nausea and vomiting which may lead to the unwanted complication of dehydration, there are  same-day treatments we offer in the clinic to help reduce your symptoms.

Asthma Treatment

We never want any of our patients to feel that they need to stay at home and endure their breathing discomfort when treatment is as close as our urgent care center near you. We offer immediate, in office medicated breathing treatments for patients with a history of Asthma, COPD or individuals with a bad cold. We believe in affordable treatments. We accept many insurance providers and offer discounted cash payments depending on the level of care needed, if you need a breathing treatment, contact us or you can simply walk-in.

Hypertension Management

If you are on blood pressure or antihypertensive medications and require for us to help you manage your medications and to monitor your blood pressure, Best Health Urgent Care & Clinic is for you. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to make an appointment with your primary care doctor to get a prescription renewal or if you need modification to your current medications, we can do this for you. Uncontrolled hypertension can have many negative effects, we want to continue to help you remain healthy. If your recent blood pressure has not been controlled well, we can help you manage and treat that as well.

Urinary Tract & Bladder Infection

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are considered to be infections of the bladder, kidneys, ureters and/or urethra. UTIs often give you the feeling you have to use the bathroom multiple times, it can also be accompanied with a painful burning sensation. Untreated UTIs can progress to infection of the kidney or sometimes infection of your entire body (bloodstream). UTIs are easy to diagnose, here at Best Health Urgent Care & Clinic, we offer same day immediate in office testing, we give you the results on the same day and create a treatment plan for you. In a matter of one hour, you can be taking medication to help you recover quickly.


We offer same day covid-19, Flu and other immunizations to provide you with immunity. Please contact our office for additional information.

TB Testing

Often employers, schools, colleges and universities require proof of TB immunity. There are several ways to determine that, based on what you are requiring, we offer both TB testing via blood and skin placement. If you have any documentation which needs to be completed, we are more than happy to help you with that.

B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 is important in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. It’s also important in the formation of red blood cells. A lack of B12 can lead to anemia (not having enough red blood cells), causing you to feel tired and weak. Vitamin B12 injections (hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin) are effective for raising the vitamin B12 level in the blood. The injection/shot, as prescribed by a provider, is given intramuscularly (into the muscle)  We offer patients same day in clinic B12 injections.