We offer various types of physical exams. Whether you need one annually to ensure you are healthy, for your employer, school, college, sports program, or for surgery clearance, we are here to help. The specific types of physicals we offer in the clinic include:

  • Annual wellness physical exams- for men and women. For women pap smears should be done per national guidelines depending on your specific age. These are included in the wellness exam.
  • Employer, school, college, sports program physicals-will typically provide you with a form, simply bring the form with you to your visit. We fill out the documentation for you and return it back for you to submit.
  • Surgery clearance-whether its cataract surgery, dental surgery, cosmetic surgery or elective surgery, we provide surgery clearance. If you have been provided a form to be filled out, please bring it with you to your visit. During the visit, a detailed history is obtained from the patient and a full examination is performed. We document our findings on your form and return back to you. Some surgical clearances require blood work and EKG to be performed, we can perform this in the office and provide you with the results.